We motivate people
to pursue products

And prepare products
to be pursued

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Our Position

We are commited to revolutionizing the world of marketing. Marketers today pursue consumers based on imprecise marketing data. This inefficiency results in wasted dollars.

The power of the interconnected world is being stifled by data in corporate islands, restricting innovation and reducing humans to demographic targets.


Marketers deal with an enormous amount of data, much of which does not apply to the individual consumer.


Big data does not allow for the creation of individualized relationships between products and consumers.


Reliance on big data causes marketers to miss customers.


Marketers' sophisticated guesswork often leads to wrong conclusions.

The Efirm Strategy

We enable marketing data to be individualized, creating meaningful relationships between consumers and products, jump-starting innovation.

Consumers are motivated to provide the data that applies to them. Marketers are no longer forced to guess.


Consumers have control over their product purchases.


Marketers target ideal consumers.


Customers participate in ultimate loyalty programs.


Consumers enjoy unprecedented security and privacy.


Marketing becomes cost effective.


Consumers connect directly and positively with products.

Our Bottom Line

We motivate people to pursue products.

And enable products to be pursued.

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